Network & Server equipment

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HPE 600GB 12G SAS 10K rpm SFF (2.5-inch) SC Enterprise 3yr Warranty Hard Drive
140,800.00 ֏ 143,700.00 ֏

Hyperline U/UTP4 Solid Outdoor

Hyperline UTP4-C5E-SOLID-OUTDOOR-40 Кабель витая пара UTP (U/UTP), категория 5e, 4 пары (24 AWG), одножильный (solid), для внешней прокладки (+60 C - -40 C), PE
76,250.00 ֏
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HPE ML110 Gen10 4108 Perf EU/UK Svr/TV

HPE ML110 Gen10 /1x4108(1.8GHz,8cores,11Mb)/1x16GB DDR4/S100i Cntrlr Diskless Hot Plug (up to 4LLF+4LFF optional)SAS,SATA/2x1Gb Eth/1x550W/PS Perf Server/TV(...
1,104,000.00 ֏ 1,127,000.00 ֏
- 8 %

HPE ML350 Gen10 3106 1P 16G 4LFF Svr

HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10/1x3106(1.70GHz,8cores,11Mb)(up to 2)/16Gb-R/S100i controller,SAS,SATA Diskless Hot Plug (up to 4) LFF SATA/1x500W RPS/Entry Server(4U)
1,208,000.00 ֏ 1,312,400.00 ֏

Mikrotik mAP

Dual-Chain 2.4GHz micro AP, 650MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, 2xEthernet, PoE out
25,700.00 ֏

Mikrotik hAP

2.4GHz AP, Five Ethernet ports, PoE-out on port 5, USB for 3G/4G support
23,700.00 ֏

Mikrotik wAP

Small weatherproof wireless access point for mounting on a ceiling, wall or pole
25,400.00 ֏

Mikrotik cAP

Ceiling AP, Dual-Chain 2.4GHz, 650MHz CPU, RouterOS L4, 802.3at/af support
26,000.00 ֏

Mikrotik hAP ac lite

Dual-Concurrent 2.4/5GHz AP, 802.11ac, Five Ethernet ports, PoE-out on port 5, USB for 3G/4G support
26,000.00 ֏

Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD

2.4GHz AP with five Ethernet ports and PoE output on port 5. It has a 600MHz CPU, 128MB RAM and a USB port.
35,100.00 ֏

Mikrotik cAP ac

Dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz wireless access point for mounting on a ceiling or wall with two Gigabit Ethernet ports (one with PoE output), 802.11ac support and IPse...
35,700.00 ֏

Mikrotik hAP ac

Dual concurrent triple chain 2.4/5GHz AP, 802.11ac/a/n/b/g, Five Gigabit Ethernet ports, PoE-out on port 5, SFP, USB for 3G/4G support or storage
67,000.00 ֏
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Dahua UTP CAT5 Cable White

305m UTP CAT5E; Max. 160m long distance PoE supply; 99.99% OFC (oxygen free copper) Excellent material; Environmentally friendly PVC
31,500.00 ֏ 35,800.00 ֏