Payment, Shipping & Promo Codes

1.       Prices, shipping costs, taxes and fees.

1.       All prices for the product on the Website are in Armenian drams (AMD).

2.       The price mentioned on this Website includes all taxes.

3.       The mentioned price of the product includes the bank transfer fee.

4.       In case of return of the purchased product, the bank transfer fee for return of payment will be made at the expense of the Buyer(User), except in case of return of defective product(s).

5.       In case of possible inaccuracies in the Website or technical problems related to the Order and item price, Company retains the right to correct the inaccuracy and to charge the right price. In such a situation, the Company will contact the Buyer and offer the option to purchase goods in real conditions or cancel the Order.


2.       Payment conditions.

1.       Users can choose one of the payment methods described on the Website. The Company retains the right to temporarily suspend, exclude or include certain payment methods.

2.       The payment is made:

        1.       Օnline, by ArCa payment system (Arca, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.),

        2.       By cash,

        3.       Via bank transfer.

3.       In the case of choosing a cash payment option, the Buyer undertakes the responsibility to pay for the product at the rate of 100% of the amount specified on the Site at the time of delivery of the ordered product.

4.       Except as provided in paragraph 3, the payment is made on 100% prepayment basis for the price of the ordered goods.


3.       Delivery.

Delivery is carried out throughout the Republic of Armenia. Payment terms for the delivery depends on the quantity, price, and/or delivery distance and can be changed about which the Buyer will be notified in advance by any means of communication. The order is delivered by the “araexpress” chosen means of transport. From the moment the User completes his order at the “araexpress” online shopping Website, Company provides the expected delivery time with the minimum and maximum terms, as well as delivery fee depending on delivery distance and Order price. “araexpress” carries out all possible measures to deliver the Order on time.

1.     Company will fulfill the delivery of the Order within a specified time after the User completes the full payment, except for the cases of choosing cash payment method. Delivery time may be prolonged in case of force major within a reasonable period of time or in other cases for which the Company is not responsible- such as strikes, technical or other issues in the telecommunications industry, etc.

2.     All products are the property of the Company up to the moment as long as for ordered goods are not fully paid to the Company's account.

3.  In case of online purchases of software/licenses, the download is made at the Buyer's own risk who is responsible for downloading the software(s) from and for activating by license keys with the right steps. The sale of the right to use the Software/licenses is carried out through the Website in which case the license activation code in pdf format is sent to the User/Buyer's e-mail, which is considered to be the proper delivery of the purchased goods.

4.       The Company is not liable for possible legal limitations in the procurement and download of software, which may be defined by the export regulations, by legislation and regulations of other states.


4.       Promo Code Regulation

When used in this Promo Code Regulation, Service(s) or Website shall define online trate platform managed by «Incript» LLC including the services and products presented there. This Regulation aims to make the application of Promo Codes simple and profitable for our partners and clients. To get a Promo Code you can submit an application to [email protected] e-mail address, or call us during office hours by the following number: (+374) 12 900 009Promo Code Regulation refers to your use of the promotional codes. By using Promo Codes you agree to the terms and conditions stipulated in this Regulation. Promo Codes may not be resold and are valid only if acquired from website administration. Promo Codes acquired from unauthorized sellers / resellers, including but not limited to online bidding sites, are not considered as valid. Promo Codes are designed exclusively for the special partner companies, unless otherwise specified by «AraExpress».   

How to use a Promo Code?

1.       When shopping on «AraExpress» platform, a Promo Code can be entered by the Customer during the Order confirmation on the page of «Shopping cart» contents view.   

2.       Choose the «I have a Promo Code» line, enter the Promo Code in the appropriate field and then click the «Apply» button.  

3.       In case the Promo Code is valid, the discount amount will appear upon checkout. 

Promo Code Rules

·         Promo Codes provide opportunity to purchase products at a certain percentage discount or buy products from the website for a specific money amount.

·         The discout provided by the Promo Code is applicable only to the total cost of your basket contents and does not  apply to the shipping service.

·         One Promo Code can be used once or for several times, depending on its type and cannot be combined with any other Promo Code.

·         A Promo Code can be designed for a limited number of clients, depending on its type.  

·         Promo Codes may not apply to certain brands and / or products.

·         Promo Codes have no chash value and in case of return of items bought with promo code discount, you will get a refund of the actual amount of payment, i.e. the difference between the total price of the product and the amount got by using the Promo Code and the redeemed Promo Code will be reactivated again.  

·         Depending on its type, a Promo Code can be used within the time period, specified therein, after which it will be deactivated.   

·         «AraExpress» has the right to deactivate a Promo Code at any time, qualifying it as non-applicable except for the Promo Codes that were purchased.

·         Promo Codes cannot be applied retroactively and do not affect the price changes of offers which had been posted prior to the promo or discount action.

Promo Codes do not apply in the following cases:

·         After the Promotion Code's validity period expiration.

·         Only one discount code can be used per order.

·         Some products may not be eligible for additional new discounts.

·         Some Promo Codes can be applied for certain items or can exclude the possibility of application to certain products.

·         Promo Code application may require a minimum limit of the purchase price.